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On April 6, 1997 Vivian was Kidnapped by her non custodial mother for the second time. Vivian is considered as Endangered Missing because of the mental condition.

Vivian has a birthmark on her left hip, blonde hair, brown eyes, and large dimples when she smiles. She does not like air conditioned rooms because of her allergies.



Vivian Aileen Trout




Marina has black hair, brown eyes, she is 5 feet tall and weighs about 145 pounds, a false right eye that always looks straight ahead even when her left eye moves, she has a very heavy Spanish accent and speaks English fluently.

Juana Marina Lopez


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We are trying to change the laws here in Florida regarding Parental Kidnapping. Around THREE THOUSAND kids were kidnapped by a parent last year in Florida. In Florida One Child is kidnapped by a parent every Three Hours. Please don't let that happen to the children!

This is the basically how the Law will work:

A) Thirty days after the child (ren) is kidnapped the left behind parent can by way of a court order turn over TEMPORARY custody of the missing child (ren) to the local State Attorney

B) The State Attorney then has the Legal obligation to safely and quickly return the child (ren) to the home county where the child (ren) resided

C) Since the left behind parent usually does not have the knowledge or funds to find the child (ren), the State Attorney has both, and the legal experience to bring the child (ren) home. They basically work with or bypass the State Department except for filing papers with them as required by law! The State Attorney deals with the State and Justice Departments, not the parent

D) The State reimburses the Local State Attorney's office for expenses such as travel, outside legal counsel, and private investigators

E) Once the child (ren) is brought back the home county, custody is immediately turned over to the left behind parent because of the previously signed court order.

We are not saying that this will work in every case, but at least with the laws in California they are trying to bring home the missing children, and it is working there.

Click here to look all the information on Vivian's Law and how it works for the children

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Have you ever seen a state that reports how many children are kidnapped by a parent and returned? California is one and has even had a nine-percent decrease in parental kidnappings in the past two years since they made the law even better. Here are some of the sites of the various counties showing that the State Attorney really looks for and brings home the missing children! Sorry here are too many to list them all

Ventura County

Napa County

Los Angeles County

San Bernardino County

El Dorado County

Merced County

San Francisco County

Santa Barbara County

The American Bar Association endorses the California Law:

"Title II of the Act establishes an important role for prosecutors and law enforcement in the civil aspects of child custody and parental abduction disputes. Section 1 is modeled upon existing California law."1

1 The Role of Prosecutors in the Civil Enforcement on Custody Decrees: The California Model, by Janet Kosid Uthe, in Obstacles to the Recovery and Return of Parentally Abducted Children Linda K. Girdner & Patricia M. Hoff eds., Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Washington, D.C. (1993) TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE WITH CHILD CUSTODY AND VISITATION ACT

Click here to download the ABA's full opinion on California's law (Go to: 5. Parental Kidnapping Prevention and Remedies click on which type of file you want a) word or b) text, Download the file, open it and go to about page 5, depending on what program you are using and that shows that the American Bar Association supports the California law for ALL states)

Click here to view the actual history of this California Law regarding Parental Kidnapping and how it passed both State houses unanimously

Click here to send Governor Jeb Bush and Lawmakers an email supporting Vivian's Law

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